GOPers suddenly are finding their conscience now that Trump’s numbers are crashing.  Why now?

Keep in mind that congressmen (I’d say “and women” but c’mon) usually spend about 82% of their time fundraising and otherwise working towards reelection.  Once they’ve had that taste of power, getting up in the morning and looking proudly at the huge number of people in their carefully gerrymandered districts, it’s only human to want to remain at that apex of influence.

So they are certainly not going to let any sense of public service or moral rectitude get in the way of their relentless pursuit of reelection.  Nope.

But now that Trump’s numbers have dropped, the election calculus is changing and suddenly they are getting brave and coming forward saying what we’ve all been seeing all along: a candidate whose behavior we wouldn’t tolerate from our children should certainly not be running the country.