A teacher’s note about homework has gone viral.  But the thing that’s notable to me is that she’s saying instead of homework you should eat together as a family, play outside, and read together.

That’s what we did when I was a kid AND we had homework.  Huh.  I must be pretty messed up.

Now to be fair, some things have changed.  Kids face a lot of distractions from computers, phones, and other devices.  Their social life is often hinged upon these devices.  And more households have two people working which makes it harder to sit down together.

Even playing outside is markedly different.  I was reading a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room where they were saying “a fun idea is to organize a neighborhood outdoor play time” when kids would gather in someone’s front yard for an hour.

Holy moly, when I was a kid, I got home from school, changed clothes, went outside, got on my bike, and my mom didn’t see me again until dinner and/or dark.  We didn’t plan and organize, we just did stuff.  And I was envious of friends who had even less parental supervision.  Now they’re all in jail, but hey, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, it’s not about the homework.  Homework is a little chore the kids need to learn to do, to schedule time for, to not procrastinate.  It’s kind of like stuff they’re deal with later in life, right?  Deadlines and commitments…