It’s well known that Trump has a great relationship with God and doesn’t need to ask for any of that forgiveness stuff.

But then that tape came out with him making those comments in 2005 about grabbing women by the girl parts.  Sorry, this is a nice blog so we can’t use words like “pussy.”

That all happened prior to the interview where he said he was good with God.  So, it follows he doesn’t feel he has anything to repent or ask for forgiveness about with regard to the grabbing women thing.  Ergo, he’s all good with it.  No foul.

That’s the trick for never needing to ask forgiveness: never think you do anything wrong.

Side note: it appears he’s putting himself on the same level as the supreme being by saying he doesn’t want to “involve God” and that he can just deal with it himself.

He did issue an apology saying he regretted it but only after being “caught” and no indication of repentance that I could spot.