Folks twist themselves into strange mental contortions attempting to defend Trump.  The arguments tend to be in 3 main species, and one overall genus.

The main arguments

  1. A democrat did something bad once, I swear. I heard it on Fox News!
  2. Some men talk worse than Donald.
  3. Hillary in particular did something awful which was not reported by the lame stream media but *we* know the truth!

Donald has so many varied noxious personality traits that most of the arguments tend to take on just one trait or event and show that there is an example of something somewhere that’s worse.  The tacit assumption you’re supposed to arrive at then is that Trump is therefore OK.

This is similar to saying that someone died from pink eye once (no citation or source) and therefore we accept that the bubonic plague really was not that awful.

The “it’s not about the candidate” defense

Now there are the folks who have given up justifying Trump and instead focus on the Supreme Court issue.  One wonders at what point along the continuum from “traffic ticket” to “ax murder” a candidate would finally not be considered on that basis.  Trump seems to be pretty close to the bad end. “Kill them all with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood” is not the sort of clear thinking rationale I want driving the country.

I heard it suggested it might be more reasonable to push for a constitutional amendment if we think the judiciary is too powerful, rather than put an unqualified person in office.  That sounds like an eminently reasonable course of action and might be something that would garner that ephemeral bi-partisan support.

Let’s end with a quick final Twitter meme.  There are a lot of people who’ve tweeted something like this so I have no idea who the original source might have been:

Trump: I grope women.

Women: Trump groped me.

Trump: They’re lying!