If there’s one good thing (and there may only be one good thing) to come out of the recent election, it’s that political figures can no longer be held to any kind of high moral standard.  Yes, we caln freely elect the sleeze bag who appeals to us for whatever reason.

Whole classifications of moral behavior are no longer available for criticism.

Marital fidelity

The president elect has had three wives and cheated on all of them in very public ways.  While cheating on Ivana with Marla, he allegedly bought a hotel so he could give Marla a room where they could tryst (that’s the nice word).  At the same time, he gave Ivana a job for which she was manifestly unqualified to keep her busy and out of town so he could play.

A bit later on, here’s him bragging (while in one of his alter ego personas “John Miller”) about cheating on Marla.  Yes, the president elect used to call into radio shows and pretend to be somebody else so he could talk about the Donald.  The psychologists are having a field day with that one.

There’s been a lot of press about him cheating on Melania too (those Access Hollywood tapes would suggest that he in fact might not have been entirely monogamous all the time).  I’ll let you go wade through the Google search.

Ironically, he still went after Hillary for Bill’s past dalliances.  When asked how his were different he said, “I wasn’t the president.”

Ah ha, so everyone has carte blanch to cheat except the president.  Gotcha.


The cartoon above depicts the ease with which the Christians apparently threw off the yoke of ostensibly being good moral people and rushed to support Trump in record numbers.  Apparently he got 83% of the evangelical vote.

Heck, going to church is not much fun, we know that.  Might rank up there with going to the dentist.

So folks were understandably happy to be done with that whole thing. The whole “helping the less fortunate” was a bit tricky to justify in the context of the GOP’s other objectives anyhow (although gosh knows they didn’t let that stop them).  But those disingenuous days are gone!


He’s been off the charts with those pesky liberal fact checkers.  His lying was so egregious that you couldn’t really single out any lie to focus on, because the next day he’d tell an even bigger whopper.  Wait, I’m starting to get it… if he keeps generating sensational new distractions, he’s never held accountable for anything.  Genius!

Here’s a fairly innocuous one but it’s a nice vivid example of what little regard for truth he has:

Cheating his workers

In addition to not paying his workers and/or contractors due to his own bankruptcies, he also has had a pattern of stiffing folks who he deems to not have done exactly what he wanted.  Never mind the contract, what counts is what’s in his own mind.

While he’s managed to bounce back, many of the smaller companies that were irrationally expecting to be paid never saw a cent, themselves ending up in bankruptcy but not so much the nice kind, more like the “ruins their lives” kind.

Consorting with criminals

Then there are his relationships with known criminals.  Heck, who doesn’t need to consort with a few shady characters every now and then? And who are you to talk?  You’re not so pure.  You’ve probably had a speeding ticket or something, am I right? I rest my case.

Political correctness versus common manners

He’s talked a lot about how we’re too politically correct and to some extent I’d agree.  I don’t think we need to call man holes “utility holes.”  (There’s likely a good dirty joke in there somewhere.)

But he crosses way over the line, calling people ugly and doing stuff I don’t want to see from my kids, all in the name of not being beholden to those wacky standards of political correctness.

Color me old fashioned, but my mommy taught me that calling people ugly was unacceptable and bad manners, not just a mere breach of silly political correctness standards.

In summary

I suspect we won’t hear much about political figures being held to high standards for the foreseeable future.  Naw, I’m probably dreaming.  They never let anything like reality or facts or recent history get in the way of a good narrative.