Folks are taking comfort in the platitude that our government has a rich system of checks and balances.  That sounds all swell and good, but does it really?

I kept thinking during the primaries that the professional politicians would weigh in and put Trump out of business.  But they held back at first, not wanting to stick their necks out, and then they started to notice he’d found a vein.  So they more or less fell in line.

And then I thought that the general election for sure would weed him out.  But alas, Donald’s vein of ore proved powerful and the politicians, doing the reelection arithmetic, decided they didn’t want to buck the trend.  And those few that bravely tried got spanked.

Now we’re looking at all branches of the government controlled by the folks I had hoped would step forward and do the right thing, but alas, they never did.  So I’m starting to suspect just a teeny tiny bit they’re not going to.

Yup, forget those checks and balances. The whole government is controlled by the GOP and they appear to be happy to take us wherever our racist hate mongering conspiracy theorist in chief wants to go which is looking somewhat cliff-like.  Good times.