Donald Trump asked his staff to begin vetting Darth Vader for the role of Secretary of Defense, saying he feels Darth has the necessary qualifications to be somewhat tough on the enemy.  Unfortunately, none of his staff has the gumption to tell Donald that Darth is a fictional character from Star Wars.

I met him at a party.  Very well spoken.  I was impressed.  May have been a smoker though.  – Donald Trump on Darth Vader

As such, they have begun going through the motions of a formal vetting process for Mr. Vader.  They are hoping to concoct a reason to gracefully dismiss him from consideration, but alas, there aren’t many reasons left that they can imagine using.

There of course is the school of thought that being a fictional character is not grounds for elimination.  Given the overall context, that’s probably a safe and reasonable conclusion.

Note: this is satire, it is not true, and although it is not at all implausible, it is made up.