Science is only for determining fetal heartbeat.  That’s all.

Oh, and for other medical stuff that let’s us live longer.  But that’s all.

Well, I guess Facebook and computers, because that’s what we’re using here.  But that’s all.

And cellphones for emergencies and cat videos.  But that’s all.

OK, OK, we need advanced weapons to kill people, obviously, so they won’t kill us.  But that’s definitely all.

And GPS is cool, so we don’t get lost.  But otherwise, no need for science.

I suppose I need to recognize that some people need TV to watch sports, and that’s probably kind of science-y.

Sometimes science is useful to forecast the weather so we know whether to plan a picnic.  But definitely not for other things about the weather.

Science is OK for old guys with ED.  But otherwise, sex is dirty, so no sexy science allowed.

I sometimes like air conditioning and that uses electricity which some say is somehow related to science but I don’t believe them.

Cars and airplanes and modern transportation in general probably have benefited from science, but we’re done with the science part so we can just make them, right?

OK, so probably a fair amount of modern life uses science, I get it.  But I still think it is bad and we should go to a simpler time.  Except for Facebook.