There was a conservative meme going around showing Obama signing something with some kids and then suggesting he was like Hitler (see Godwin’s law) and furthermore suggested he was taking away our guns (to paraphrase).


The picture is from a real event, and it really involves gun laws, but that’s about all that is true.  The kids in the picture wrote letters to Obama in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.  They were invited to be present when he signed some “common sense” gun laws to regulate guns just a teeny tiny bit.  But “any” means “too much” to the NRA, ya know.  The majority of people, gun owners included, are in favor of such common sense laws.  But not the NRA, no sir.

Here’s the article with a cropped picture showing the same kids on

It would be a great honor to be invited to meet the president after writing such a letter.  These were not random kids being used as “props”, they were kids who had skin in the game.