In the wake of the health care imbroglio, word is he wants government to work “more like a business” aka “like a monarchy.”  Where what he says goes.

He’s put his son-in-law in charge of making that happen.  No nepotism there.

I keep pinching myself thinking I’ll wake up and all this nonsense from feudal times will be a dream and I’ll be back happily living in the democracy of my childhood.

But alas, this appears to be reality.  The president now says things like “I’m president and you’re not” which makes my 6 year old sound sophisticated (sorry if I’m maligning 6 year olds).

We may be lulled into complacency by the recent defeats and the business-as-usual dealing with issues, but I still wouldn’t be surprised by a grab for absolute power, especially in the wake of some inevitable attack on US soil.

But heck, let’s just give this guy some nuclear weapons and see what he does.  Sadly, the best hope we have that he won’t “go nuclear” is that he’d blow up the planet in the process and then wouldn’t get to be king anymore.  Not exactly the sophisticated reasoning I’d hope for to prevent a nuclear holocaust  but I’ll take it.