He can tweet, but can he read at more than a third grade level?  There is a growing theory that 45, while not functionally illiterate, probably qualifies as being described as having “low literacy.”

Are you perchance at all concerned that the president of the free world can’t read turgid bills and policy documents?  You shouldn’t be.  He can just ask aids to summarize them for him before signing them.  So when Bannon handed him the document putting Bannon on the security council, Bannon just said, “trust me, you need to sign this” so DT signed it.  He doesn’t have time to review all that pesky EO stuff.  Sheesh.

Spelling errors

Let’s look at some Trump spelling errors.  These range from stuff that would get you “sent back” in third grade, to stuff that is unintentionally filled with double meaning.

Leightweight chocker – a couple misspellings in a row, and maybe his Most Famous Misspelling.  He’s calling Marco Rubio a “lightweight choker” but chokes on the spelling of both words.  And for bonus points, he repeated this error 30 minutes later in another tweet.

hear by – used in a context suggesting he meant “hereby”

unpresidented – he intended to say “unprecedented” and this is the one that’s a little bit funny in a sad way, what with the double meaning and all.


honer – intended to be “honor.”

dummer – intended to be “dumber” and particularly funny because he’s insulting someone’s intelligence (Lawrence O’Donnell in this case) and misspelling the insult.

tapp – a famous misspelling from his tweet accusing Obama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower.  Supposed to be simply “tap” in the non-gerund form of the verb of course.

loose – intended as “lose.”  Spellcheck couldn’t catch this one since “loose” is a valid word, just not in the context of losing an election.

Barrack – to be fair, maybe they spell it with two ‘r’s in Kenya but that’s not how it is on the birth certificate.

rediculous – should be “ridiculous” of course.

Phoneix – tweet from before the Arizona state primary, likely meaning “Phoenix,” the biggest city in Arizona.

shoker – from context, should have been “shocker.”

payed – correct word in context would have been “paid.”

Bobby Night – that little known basketball coach, easy mistake to make.

And don’t get me started on the rest of his government.  Seems like bad spelling is contagious in the white house.  Even poster-size errors are apparently not caught.

But didn’t he cut funding to PBS for all those shows teaching kids to read?  Yeah, that might be one of those complex forms of humor called “irony.”

The real reason he doesn’t like teleprompters

Anyhow, back to the reading thing.  There may be a solid reason why he doesn’t like to read from a teleprompter.  He likely can’t.  The times he has demonstrably used a teleprompter, he had ample time  to rehearse the speech to make sure tricky words like Tanzania and San Bernardino came out right.  Oops, wait, they didn’t.  They were still mispronounced.

It’s entirely anecdotal at this point until congress demands he prove he can read (holding breath not recommended).  Here are some data points:  Pete Davidson of SNL talks about givings him his pages, and said he didn’t seem able to work from the pages.  Trump admits to signing “hundreds” of things he hasn’t read.  A classic approach for someone with low literacy is to have a helper do the pesky reading and paraphrase.

Samantha Bee is someone who is talking a lot about Trump not being able to read.  She lays out a lot of evidence, including how he repeatedly refuses to read using the very common low-literacy excuse “I don’t have my glasses.”

Reading is overrated anyhow

OK, so he makes W look like a rocket scientist.  We all know intellectual capability is overrated and we need leaders that will just act from the gut because that’s what (original version of slogan) maks Amarica grate!

Note: evidence that Trump can’t read is all circumstantial at this point.  May he yet prove us wrong.