You probably just thought it was some dusty Senate protocol used by the powdered wig crowd.  But alas, the GOP seem intent on exploring every possible meaning.

When I was a kid we still had the duck and cover drills and the air raid (aka “tornado”) sirens were tested every month.  But since then we really haven’t felt like there was much of a threat.

All that is changing now as the super powers rattle sabers and the clueless guy who’s never flown before but folks elected to land this plane fiddles with the controls.  He says he can fly because he can drive.  And about that driving, he’s had four major accidents that were his fault and a bunch of minor ones.  He can’t even get a driver’s license in the US anymore.  So sure, he can fly.  What could possibly go wrong?  Duh, what’s this button do?

Oh well, the bright side is that climate change doesn’t seem so bad.