There’s an old Steve Martin skit where he recalls something the great maharishi said that he’ll never forget, and he says, “Always, no wait, never…”

Here’s what Trump said about bombing Syria:


Obama did in fact seek Congressional approval but was denied permission to act.  So he was deemed “weak” because he didn’t enforce his red line.  (Side note: as to the many Republicans who opposed Obama on this, where do you suppose they’re at now?  Oh yeah, super happy Trump bombed Syria.)

Ya can’t win fer losin’.

Just for grins here’s a long list of Trump tweets that emphatically suggest we should never ever get involved in Syria.  And here’s a favorite moment:


You know, it’s kind of nostalgic to remember how obsessed we were with the national debt there for about eight years.  Clearly we’re forgetting the most important rule of conservative economics: there’s always money for blowing up other countries.

And finally, in closing, here’s Steve (jumping to the end where he makes the salient joke):