The firing of Comey is just the latest Trump outrage and I felt certain it would cause the adult Republicans in the room to speak up.  But outside of a paltry handful of voices there’s been very little blow back from the GOP and in fact a lot of “circling the wagons” instead.

So my question is, what are they thinking will happen?  They are hitching their wagons to a president with record low approval ratings.  Senators usually spend a lot of time looking out for their own skin so if they saw supporting Trump as a negative they’d presumably try to distance themselves.

Come elections next year we can probably expect a backlash and a number might expect to lose their seats.  But that would not be something they would typically want to let happen.

I can only conceive of three main scenarios.  Help me out.

  1. Are they figuring Trump will finish his little coup d’etat and will make them all Senators for Life with no need for winning those pesky elections?
  2.  Will he begin to rig elections such that they always win?
  3. Are they simply waiting until the eleventh hour to distance themselves?

I’m sure they’re doing the political calculus. Are there scenarios I’m overlooking?

P.S. the firing hasn’t hit the Gallup Trump approval rating yet but keep checking back…