This old sock is your comprehensive 60,000 mile warranty.  Yes, it’s just an old sock, but we’re calling it a warranty, therefore it’s a warranty.  See what we did there?

Much like the AHCA, this really does nothing but we give it a name like “Health Care Program” and you’ll tend to check the box, “Yup, got a health care program.”  Just like when you buy  a car you probably don’t read the fine print on the warranty, you just hear the tag “60000 mile warranty” and trust that a modern reputable company will provide a decent package.

You don’t actually read the fine print until your car (or body) fails and then you discover that it doesn’t actually cover anything and although you get a $600 break on your taxes you’ve got no help with the $500,000 surgery.


Well, that’s a few years out and by the time folks realize they’ve really got nothing they’ll have re-elected the same people so it’s all good.

P.S. The one significant difference between the AHCA and an old sock is that the rich actually benefit from the AHCA.  But to a rich person a $12,000 break on taxes is not even something they feel.  It doesn’t affect their rent (or more likely mortgages) or whether they put food on the table.