He ran on a plain-as-day platform of racism.  So sorry, you can’t pretend to be shocked or offended now.  He’s got at least two white supremacists in the White House, Bannon and Miller, and although none of three has, to my knowledge, come out and said directly “I’m a white supremacist” it’s pretty darn obvious from their actions.  If it walks like a duck and all that.

The things happening yesterday in Charlottesville hardly seem like they could be happening in this century in the United States and having a president who won’t come right out and condemn the supremacists, if it were fiction we wouldn’t believe it.

Where’s all this going to go?  The house of cards will come tumbling down pretty soon I’m afraid.  I foresee this fall being the time as the result of his various decisions will be setting in.  The farmers are already having trouble getting their harvests in.  Food prices will spike.  All the international bad blood will start making itself felt.  And if we can avoid nuclear war, we’re still going to have a hard time creating some vague semblance of a balanced budget.

This is one “I told you so” I’m not going to enjoy.