I never thought I’d have to ask the kids to change the channel when the president came on (or news about the president).  But apparently times have changed.  When I was a kid I was taught to respect the office of the president and the president always acted in a way deserving of that respect, even if I didn’t agree with the politics.

It’s been 6 months since I wrote that Trump was about at rock bottom.  How wrong I was.  That depth is no longer even in view.  I was concerned about him tangling with the pope and the gold star family and saying Ted Cruz’s wife was ugly.  Almost seems cute now.

Since then he’s politicized disasters in Puerto Rico, said Nazis are “good people”, said adolescent things about North Korea as if nuclear war was about as serious as detention, referenced “Pocahontas” at the native Americans’ meeting, insulted John McCain (the senator with brain cancer), dove into trying to influence private business from the office of the president with the NFL thing (last I knew we weren’t North Korea and you could still protest peacefully), failed against the media even more vociferously (sorry, that word is probably beyond Trump’s comprehension), and the list goes on.

His latest expletive laced rant about Africa and Haiti is utterly inappropriate for our country’s leader, and yet he remains in office and unscathed. I was way premature saying we were at the bottom floor.  I can no longer be surprised.