This is from a long post by Brian Valentine, a guy who worked at Microsoft launching a number of their most successful products, and then later at Amazon running their eCommerce platform.

So he presumably knows a bit about being a successful businessman and being a leader of people.

People ask me why I personally rail on Trump so much. Well, maybe it is time I explain. Sorry for the length.

First, I have been lucky enough in my career to be part of three successful companies: Intel, MSFT and AMZN. I had the privilege of helping build those companies while also being lucky enough to grow my career within those companies. I ended up in various senior leadership positions and was fortunate enough to have led some of the most important projects in those companies. More importantly than all this, I had the honor to work with the some of the smartest and hardest working people in the world. The friendships built, the memories created, the laughs we had, and the scars we earned – I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I also learned early on that I was just one person on the team. I knew that nothing could happen without the hard work of every person on the team. For some reason, which I still don’t understand today, I was able to stand up in front of those people at our Friday meetings, humbled every time by what they were able to accomplish, and somehow find the words to get everyone to give their best.

As a side note: only a few of us can say they have worked directly for the 1st and 2nd richest men in the world before they were the richest – which is cool but not the most important thing. In all honesty, the numbers on the spreadsheet really didn’t matter, what mattered was I got to work with, and learn from, two of the smartest businessmen in the world.

Given what I have said to this point, I think I am qualified to judge what it means to be a successful leader of a successful business. Trump is not this. As a business leader, Trump embarrasses me. He is nothing of what I hold dear as a leader. He belittles his people, takes all the credit, craps on all his relationships, and has a shit record of successes. He is nothing of a successful businessman. Everything he has touched has failed as a business. He has more bankruptcies than I have successful projects (and I have a lot of them). The only thing he can claim as business successes are his businesses that were propped up by Russian money. To be blunt, he’s a fucking joke when it comes to business success. Those who thought they were getting some great business leader to “drain the swamp” – ha – trust me – he is a fucking joke. He has no ability to build loyalty with his people, he cannot share in successes, and I guarantee you he has no ability to stand up in front of his people and get the best out of them. He is a capital F – Fucking – Joke.

He is not smart. He doesn’t read or deep dive on anything. I have never met a successful business person that doesn’t, or cannot, deep dive successfully on any topic within their influence. It’s required. For once I wish he would get educated on a topic, like tariffs, like why NATO is important, like climate change, like the constitution – anything – something – for god sakes learn something. His policies are driving businesses off-shore or into the ground – can you say Harley Davidson as one example? And when they say why they are moving offshore, because of his policies, he berates them publicly. Don’t believe me? Then do your own deep dive on his rantings about AMZN, Jeff and the post office. He has no clue about those contracts and how if it wasn’t for those contracts we would be at best on a five-day mail delivery system and at worst the USPS is dead.

He has the motivational skills and charisma of a slug on Adderall. His public speaking skills, when not using the teleprompter, are… are…. are… hell, I don’t even have words for it. He cannot complete a coherent sentence. He is an idiot and it shows in his inability to hold a thought. When speaking he bounces between non-connected topics faster than shit through a goose. It is impossible to understand what he is thinking or what are his strategies. It’s clear he doesn’t even know himself. I am willing to bet he can’t even build a strategy for tic-tac-toe. When pressured he always resorts to bashing the Dems, HRC, Obama, the press, etc. If he isn’t chanting “Build the Wall”, “Lock Her Up” or telling us how great he is, then he has nothing to say. He is empty. He is that sound of the needle skipping at the end of the vinyl record… click… thud… click… thud… he should be the intro to a David Lynch movie… click… thud… click… thud… pan in with camera and there he is, sitting in the oval office, eating a well-done steak with ketchup… click… thud… click….

Trump is a pathological liar. He lies for one purpose and that is to deflect from all the shit he is failing at and lay the blame anywhere but at his feet. Integrity is a core component of trust. He has none. I repeat, he has no integrity. He will happily shit on people who are working with him, or for him, if he thinks they are not aligned with him. Also, those that think he has their best interests at heart – ha – he is lying to you. He doesn’t give a shit about you. For once, think freely, and see him for what he is. Sure, you can hate the alternative if you like, but if you can find anything good in him, then you are a bigger liar to yourself than he is. I repeat, he is a liar and doesn’t give two shits about you.

Trump’s God is money. He measures himself not by his accomplishments, but instead by his made-up number in a spreadsheet. He has lied repeatedly on his net worth to Forbes. He will not release his tax returns – why? – because they will show he is not worth much. He will sell his soul to his God and panders to anyone that can make the number in his spreadsheet bigger. Even if it means he aligns with White Nationalists, anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-women.

Speaking of White Nationalists, anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-women causes. I believe anyone that supports oppression of any other human is a horrible human themselves. This is Trump.

He leads by bullying and belittling people. He can’t inspire anyone. Just watch his body language and facial expressions – he is fake and/or lost in just about every setting. Oh my god… and watch his cabinet meetings… each cabinet member must go around the table and say how great he is. How can they work for this asshole? Enough time has gone by where it’s time he takes the blame when shit isn’t working. He should have been doing this from the beginning – but most importantly – he will never do this. He will die blaming anyone but himself for his failures as a business person, as a politician, and as a decent human.

Trump’s judgment is horrible. Let’s start with who he picked for his leadership team. The easy way to see the true core of a leader is to see who they surround themselves with and who is on their leadership team. How the hell could he have picked the team he picked? You can pick the greatest minds in business and government to be by your side, I mean come on, you are the president – and he picked them? This leaves me with a huge question about his judgement in people and his motivations. Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Steve Bannon, Rick Perry, Jeff Sessions, Ryan Zinke, Mike Pence, Kirstjen Nielsen, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., Stephen Miller, Sean Hannity and let’s not forget Kellyanne Conway – my god, you would be hard pressed to find 15 people worse than these people. And he put them in positions they are woefully unqualified to hold. His policies also reflect horrible judgement. Case in point: Separation of kids from their parents at the border. I could name at least 50 more.

It’s always about him and he cannot give any credit to anyone but himself. Find me a speech where he gives someone else any credit where it doesn’t promote him and his agenda. He is the world’s worst motivator and I cannot imagine how he can even come close to getting the best out of people. Humility and empathy is non-existent in this one.

Is it time to admit he is not in it for anyone but himself and his family? How much more do we need to see?

His work ethic sucks. 1/5 of his days in office has been on one of his golf courses, at the expense of $78MM to taxpayers, with the profits going to his companies. He dishonors the highest elected office in the most powerful nation. Fuck vacations and fuck your golf trips – how about working your ass off for once? Especially for the people who voted for you? He is lazy, and he doesn’t care. Read the stories about how long he stays in bed each day watching Fox News and tweeting ALL HIS BABBLE.

His sense of entitlement makes me want to puke. He is all take, take, take. The stupid ass presidential coins he has wasted money on creating – if you haven’t seen them, start by looking on website – and please, Donald, if you ever listen to one thing I say, please let it be this: Terminate your designers (interior, hair, coins, everything) – they/your taste belongs in the Rio Casino in Vegas and that casino is so old and bad that it needs to be blown up – it’s beyond saving. Now he wants a military parade? God help us on whatever design he is developing for the new Air Force One planes.

He doesn’t give a shit about vets, the poor, non-whites, gays, immigrants, children, women – you name it – he is a pig, a racist, a sexist, etc. etc. How many more recordings and how many more examples do we need? He is a horrible human who does not care about the people he is supposed to be supporting.

Art of the Deal. What a joke. His bullshit with N Korea – pure stunt. His dealings with our allies is a complete failure and in chaos. His trade wars with China and the rest of the world. Putin has private shit on him, so he will sell the presidency to cover it up and obstruct and collude to keep it secret. His ability to make deals is a joke. He can’t see the difference between a good or bad deal. He wanted two hours with Putin alone as he knows he would look like a two-year-old talking to him if we could have all been part of those two hours. His translator had it easy, she only had to learn 200 Russian words as one would be hard pressed to find more than 200 english words in his vocabulary.

The buck never stops with him – in fact – there never was a buck, he took it and lost it many years ago. I dare someone with access to him to ask him how to spell accountability? He will fail. It’s not in his vocabulary.

I could go on and on. He is an embarrassment to me, to you, to our country, and to the rest of the world. He is a horrible human. He is loyal to one thing and that is himself. He measures himself by how much money he has, even if it has been acquired illegally. He doesn’t give a shit about anything else. He will say anything to pander to his voters. He is on no path to bring back coal jobs, no path to bring back the blue-collar middle class, etc. He is a joke.

So there, now you know why I rail on him so much. I cannot sit idle and let him and the rest of the GOP White Bible* continue in power. I vow to speak up now and every chance I get, and most importantly do anything I can do to see they are voted out this Nov and in 2020. The GOP has lost its way and is downright evil and Trump is their leader. They all need to go.

*White Bible – I will define this is a later post, this post is already way too long.