It’s inspiring to hear the president of the United State proudly representing us in a discussion of the ethical nuances of what is referred to by mob guys as “flipping.”

But sanity check me on this.  In order for someone to “flip” on you, doesn’t there need to be a crime involved that you’re concerned about having exposed?

I mean, take me for example. If someone got mad at me, they couldn’t really “flip” on me because my life is pretty boring and I’ve never had anyone killed or tried to cover up an affair or even parked in a loading zone. OK, OK, there’s that one time I coveted my neighbor’s Tesla.

So if DT is really concerned that someone would “flip” on him, doesn’t that pretty specifically imply that he’s got something to hide?  So yeah, the “flipper” could make something up, but I think it would come out in court that there was no real proof and he wouldn’t be convicted. But for there to be an actual honest-to-God “flip” there has to be a real skeleton in the closet, right?

Ergo, DT has done something really really bad and he’s trying desperately to keep the lid on it.  Also in the news: Kim Kardashian takes a selfie.