They say Trump’s approval rating has never been higher.  That means a lot of actual people you see on the streets are approving of the family separation and insults and tax cuts for the rich and the pulling out of any treaty or pact intended to benefit the entire world.

I have to admit whenever I see someone I wonder if they are secretly supporting the president’s agenda.  They seem nice but maybe they go home and watch Fox News.  Who can tell?

But that can only mean a bunch of folks are thinking the same thing about me.  I mean I’m a white male, older, live in Arizona and have been known to misspell words. All I need is the truck and then I fit the stereotype to a T.

Are folks stereotyping me and imagining the I hate Mexicans, think of women as objects, and use crude schoolyard insults in place of reasoned debate?  If I display manners, intelligence (ok, ok, rarely I admit), or culture, do they think I’m some kind of lily livered snowflakey not-a-real-man?

I guess I need this hat: