I know, there’s some eCard about “did you know you can actually go to the gym without posting about it on Facebook?”  Yeah, yeah, super funny.  But anyhow, I wanted to recount a bit about my gym rat activities along with my usual erudite political insights.  And yes, I also posted about this on Facebook.

What to wear

It’s important to look good at the gym, and it also helps my workout if I know that you can see all the rippling flesh and such.

At the gym now I wear super short lycra shorts and a sleeveless T ripped off just below the chest, a little something for the ladies, ya know. And the chicks are definitely checking me out. I could totally take my pick.

Don’t listen to your wife

She is probably just jealous.  Here’s what my wife posted on Facebook after reading my status about going to the gym.

From the wife:

honey? did you know i can see this? well, now that you’ve brought it up, one of my friends saw you this a.m. at the gym and called saying how funny it was to see you doing girlie push-ups dressed in something resembling a bikini.

See?  Jealous, definitely.

Sexy and I know it

An awesome song is “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO.  It’s a bit older, but it will definitely kick start your workout.


And another one that’s apparently trying to be funny

This next one is not serious.  It purports to be a sociological study of human mating habits at the gym.  But it’s got some really hot chicks in it.

Obviously if you want things to be as cool at your gym as they are in that video, you have to pick the right gym, which narrows it down to pretty much any of them.  Although you want to avoid the gyms that primarily cater to the folks who’ve been sent by their doctors.  If most of the clientele is 60 or older or you’re not seeing some evident “surgery”, you probably want to try a different place.

I remember when I first found my current gym, I walked in and was like “wow, gravity must be reversed in here because everything is pointing upwards!”

New Years resolutions

So it’s not too late to make one of those infamous “News Year’s resolutions” and join a gym.  I’d recommend it.