Trump went to Mexico for a sit down with their president, Enrique Pena Nieto, and was totally polite and said how much he loved Mexicans.

Then he gave a policy speech in Arizona and pretty much hung Nieto out to dry.

The Mexican news sites are saying he “left his sheep’s clothing in Mexico and bared his fangs in Arizona.”

And that’s how the game is played folks.

But seriously…

Mexico is an ally, a much less powerful nation, but a trading partner, a geographical neighbor of ours, and a outsourcing location for a lot of American businesses.  I don’t think you want to “play” somebody that you’re going to need to see again.  I suspect that whole “honesty is the best policy” might be more the direction you’d want to head.

Undocumented folks are not the black and white issue they’ve been made out to be.  Sure, they’re committing a crime by being here, but it’s the wink-wink variety like when you drive 65 in a 55 zone.

Ask yourself “why are they committing this crime?”  Is it because they’re bad people?  Is it like getting drunk and then stealing more beer from a convenient mart?  No, they’re here because we make it economically advantageous for them.  We give them jobs and we depend on their input to our economy.  Fix that and they’ll quit coming, no messy wall required.

That said, we need to be sure we know the consequences of fixing that.  Alabama tried the HB 56 law which tried to aggressively outlaw undocumented folks.  Their farmers had huge problems trying to get their harvests in.  There was a pesky federal court ruling declaring much of the law unconstitutional.  It was quietly rolled back.  More here.

And for more nuance on the undocumented issue, try here.