There’s talk of the electoral college bailing us out on this election but that’s being fairly widely dismissed as “crazy talk.” But the reasoning there just seems to be along the lines of “but it’s never actually happened.”  That’s silliness.  You have an insurance policy against the thing happening you hope never happens.  But when it happens, you don’t say “I don’t want to use my insurance policy that covers exactly this.”  No, you call your insurance representative and say, “yes, a tree fell on my house.”

The electoral college has two stated jobs: to balance the inputs of the big and little states, and to prevent a populist leader from negatively impacting the democracy.

[the electoral college] serves two purposes. One of them is to give small states power as well as big states and the cities. The other is to provide a mechanism where intelligent, thoughtful and statesmanlike leaders could deliberate on the winner of the popular vote and, if necessary, choose another candidate who would not put Constitutional values and practices at risk. from

And another tidbit:

Trump promises to bring to the presidency precisely the ‘tumult and disorder’ that Hamilton warned against — from

The current situation seems to be pretty much the definition of the 2nd part of their duties.  As such I reason that it’s not a crazy as it sounds to ask them to intervene at this time.  Just because it’s not been done doesn’t mean it’s not time to do it.