I’m seeing a lot of folks gleefully claiming that Obama and/or the Democrats are now claiming the  election was rigged after making the statement sometime ago that the election could not be rigged.

The Democrats are not saying the election was rigged.  They are saying it was influenced. They are two entirely different things.

Rigged is if the teacher gives exam answers to some students.


Influenced is if you have sex with the teacher in return for them marking your test an A.

In the case of the election, “rigging” was pretty impossible for a variety of reasons.  Our voting system has a number of checks, balances, and limitations in scope and control that prevent any tampering.

Influencing however was particularly easy.  We’re going to be trying to understand for some time all the various factors which influenced this election, not the least of which was apparently Russian meddling.

But those hacked emails were bad!

Yup, no denying it, there was some bad stuff. Probably not as bad as you’ve been led to believe, but certainly some things not to be proud of.  But did GOP emails contain equal or worse bad stuff?  We’ll never know, because although there is evidence those were hacked as well, those were, oddly enough, not released.

Now that said, there were a lot of second or third hand articles that claimed the DNC emails contained ridiculous (or should I spell it “rediculous”?) stuff, e.g. “Podesta held Satanistic rituals with little children.”  Those articles cited other articles but the actual supposedly incriminating emails could never be found.

Once you’ve played pass-it-on for a few rounds and the initial nugget is juicy enough, it takes on a life of its own and an apparent veracity from multiple repetitions.  And for many there was ample bias to want to believe those things, no matter how incredible they might have seemed.


And I think it’s safe to say most rational folks heard the unending list of offenses from Mr. Trump and just assumed that those would be given the weight they deserved, instead of simply being drowned out with mindless chants of “lock her up.” Alas, that was apparently not the case.

And so here we are…

Was this election influenced?  It is appearing that it was influenced in a number of ways, and part of the culpability likely falls to the Russians.

Was it rigged?  No one is saying it was rigged which would imply there was some tilt in the voting mechanism.

Are the Democrats whining?  Whining suggests a peevish unjustified complaining, but this appears to be a simple effort to expose the truth behind a foreign influence in the election.

Was that foreign influence the reason the Democrats lost?  Probably not, but it was part of a perfect storm which led to the unexpected win of the conspiracy theory reality TV star guy with no apparent scruples and an undeniable sordid past.