A Trump supporter says they support Trump because Trump supports Christians.  I have two main questions about that.

  1. Do you support someone who does something illegal but gets you something you want?  E.g. a guy offers to sell you a TV that you know is stolen.  Do you take it?  If so, that in itself is a crime (receiving stolen property).
  2. There exists the possibility he’s just saying stuff to support Christians because he calculates he needs that voting bloc.  Do you think he’s supporting Christians sincerely or for the “voting bloc” reason?

In response to #1, my morality will not let me support someone who is as rabidly immoral as Trump regardless of “what’s in it for me.”

On #2, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that he himself is a Christian.  Well, he says he is, but he changes what he says very quickly as if he’s really just a con man trying to get a reaction.