Trump is getting a lot of praise for making a deal with the Dems.  That deal seems to be basically that he won’t shut down the government.

So let me get this straight: he’s doing a good thing by not doing a horrible thing?  Huh?

Just as a point of reflection during this time when “morality” seems like a quaint value from yesteryear, if the source of something is awful, sorry, I can’t countenance taking the thing.  Take for example the old Mafia “TV that fell off a truck.”  The price is too good to be true, we all know where it came from, and we’re complicit legally by accepting stolen merchandise.  That’s not just basic morality, that’s actual law.

We’ve seen Trump do huge amounts of horrible, reprehensible, immoral stuff, and just because he decides to not do horrible stuff this time we shouldn’t suddenly think he’s turned a corner.  Nope, it’s still all about #resist.