Trump says we will totally destroy North Korea.  Like we totally destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan?  I don’t think that worked.  I’m pretty sure it didn’t work in Vietnam either.

And also, please forgive me, but I was under the misapprehension that we didn’t have the money for more war.  There has certainly been a lot of concern about the budget over the last eight years, but apparently there’s always “magic money” for war, huh?

But setting all that aside, let’s discuss how we could feasibly “destroy” North Korea, which although small, is still 45,000 square miles or about 30 million acres.  “Conventional weapons” as we call them would not get the job done.  We could use some nukes, but to bring that much destructive power we’d pretty well kill or poison our good buddies the South Koreans too.  I guess there’s our secret “ray from space” but that’s been a pretty well-kept secret, even from our ourselves.

I never thought I’d agree with Steve Bannon, but he says he thinks they’ve “got us”  and I think he’s probably right.