Inspired by the federal government’s abject lack of concern about how they are going to pay their debts I’ve decided to go all in.  The heck with caution and rational thinking.  I’ve ordered 17 new credit cards and I’m gonna max ’em out, baby!

Now the curious thing is the federal government apparently doesn’t need to pass any credit checks or survive the scrutiny of any banking institutions to borrow money.  They just can borrow it.  From someone, who knows who.  And don’t worry about them feeling like they need to please the entities that lent all that money.  That never happens.

We listened to the GOP talk about fiscal responsibility for 8 years.  They were very concerned with the national debt under Obama, even if a dominant portion of that debt was attributable to their own Mr. Bush.

But now that they’re in power, what is the first thing they manage to do?  Run up the debt!

Now when Obama did the $600 billion stimulus, that sounded really really big.  He had no choice in the matter. W had said “let’s do a $600 billion stimulus to fix the economy”, a number he admits he pulled out of his wazoo, so then of course Obama had to follow through. If Obama had balked and the economy continued to tank, Obama’s fault. If Obama went through with it and the economy tanked, well at least he tried.

Now the GOP wants to do a “stimulus” to a good healthy functioning economy.  This stimulus does not benefit the normal guy but mostly benefits the uber rich. The tax savings they are crowing about for Joe Normal might allow for the purchase of a Starbucks beverage a few times a week.

Now this stimulus will happen to cost 2.5 times the last stimulus which was designed to bolster the middle class and jump start a wounded economy.  How is this clear thinking?

Now I understand that the voters have short memories, they’ve proven that.  But shouldn’t the professional politicians be able to remember what they said last year?  Oh wait, I think they’re figured it out.  The politicians have noticed that 1. voters have short memories and 2. it’s been shown that voters are loyal to a party regardless.  So they’re actually pretty safe.  Go ahead, have your way with us.  We’re too stupid to notice.  And when it’s time for those darn austerity measures, we’ll just suck it up.

As for voting them out, probably the economy will still be afloat come November, and they’ll have tons of donations to spend on ads, and we’ll just sign ’em up again.  Woo hoo! Good times!