Internet gun dealers insist on sending guns to the address of a person with a firearms card.  But they make very clear you don’t need to be that person.  They say you should probably, as a matter of politeness, let that person know a gun is coming, but they don’t care at all if that’s the person ordering and paying for the gun.

This is pretty close to the old “fake ID” we used to get into bars and buy liquor back during our misspent youth.  We used someone else’s ID to do the thing that those pesky laws forbade.

Side note and not material at all: one of our favorite IDs to fake back then was the firearms card as it was little more than a plain piece of paper.

As you leave the beaten path there are tons of ways to acquire weapons on the Internet. is basically craigslist for guns and while the site itself processes to adhere to the law there’s no guarantee that everyone there is a stickler.  In fact, good chance they’re probably not.

In summary, it’s a lot more difficult to get your hands on some prescription medicine that keeps you alive as opposed to buying guns that make people dead.