When the words “common sense gun laws” are said, some people invariably hear “take all our guns away.”  It’s weird how those particular sound waves get so mangled.

We don’t want to fundamentally change the line, we just want to discuss where the line is drawn.  We all (well most of semi-sane folks) seem to understand that having a military bazooka is illegal. That’s a line no one questions.

But suppose we want to move the line to say “military-style assault weapons” are banned.  Just move the line, that’s all.  Then some folks get their panties all in a bunch and think that mean we want to take away their right to have a BB gun.

OK, yes, it seems pretty non-nonsensical that the Service Service would want to disallow guns for a political figure’s speech but if we ask for the same thing for our kids, that’s not right and instead we should have more guns.

Having all these military-style guns out there means the police need to be equipped and they start to look more “military.”  Not exactly the image I’ve had all my life of America.

Add in the little fact that most robberies happen while you’re not home, and in fact, while you’re at work, and my takeaway is that “gun ownership” and “rational thinking” are uncommon bedfellows.

Anyhow, the next time someone brings up regulating guns in some way, like licensing them like cars or crazy stuff like that, please don’t make the conceptual leap to “take away all guns.”  Really, no one is saying that.