At a press conference Monday with Iowa representative Scott Freely (R), he stated that the “GOP has discussed the fact that tornadoes are clearly unfairly targeting primarily Republican areas.”  He went on to say that “furthermore it is obvious that the Democrats are controlling these tornadoes for political purposes.”

Elaborating he said, “Come on, everyone knows that tornadoes have been touching down in trailer parks, and those are well known strongholds, hotbeds if you will, of Republican patriots.” He added that “everyone is saying the Democrats are arranging these touchdowns to influence elections.”

As Mr. Freely stepped away from the podium at the conclusion of his press conference, a reporter from the failing New York Times yelled out “What about God controlling the tornadoes?”

An aide for Mr. Freely quickly stepped up to the microphone and said Mr. Freely would not be able to take any questions.

(As of the time of publication God could not be reached for comment.)