At some point I saw this graphic on Facebook, can’t remember in what context.  But reading through it there’s a nut of misunderstanding here.  The thing seems to think that liberals don’t want things to exist that they don’t like, but the liberals tend to think that’s a conservative thing.


As a liberal, I think all things can exist in harmony but they are not black and white: allowing guns doesn’t mean “everyone gets a gun.”  It means you license it and insure it like a car.

Religious freedom doesn’t mean you get to discriminate. It just means you can’t force someone else to adhere to your particular religious belief set but you can observe it yourself. Note: if your religion won’t let you perform the duties of a certain job, I would recommend you change jobs rather than try to change the job.

So what is the disconnect?  Why do the conservatives think they’re the flexible ones but us liberals tend to think the conservatives are rather closed in their belief set?  Discuss.