First off, assuming it’s a skilled or semi-skilled job, any normal person would likely never have gotten their job with no previous relevant experience.

Once in that job, and just to put things in context, here are some of the reasons we might reasonably be terminated (or at least disciplined):

  • Verbally attacking a colleague
  • Making stuff up in a meeting
  • Repeatedly showing you’re unprepared
  • Flat out lying (as distinguished from just “making stuff up” which is certainly similar)
  • Praising the competition, particularly unethical competition, while criticizing your own company
  • Trying to take credit for things which have nothing to do with you
  • Verbally attacking people of a certain race
  • Refusing to listen to other experts within the company
  • Refusing to adapt to accepted trends in the larger business community
  • Refusing to work with established allies/partners
  • Making things personal instead of about the data
  • Using anecdotes instead of data
  • Buying into every cockamamie theory instead of listening to rational evidence
  • Spending money you don’t have in your budget
  • Pursuing an agenda at odds with the needs or direction of the company
  • Firing people quickly and without reason
  • Hiring or trying to hire unqualified family members
  • Egregiously failing to adhere to company values

What have I missed?