Trump has been making noises like he’s ready to blame any coming recession on the media, saying in effect they are licking their chops hoping for a recession.

However those pesky facts and reality in general suggest exactly the opposite.

The major stock market indexes have been effectively flat for the last year with some fairly major downturns during the course of things.  Take a look at the graphic above for the three major indexes.  Pretty darn similar.  Slightly green but no real gains, or slightly red with no major losses.  This is relatively unheard for the market to be this flat across the board.

However those liberal media guys have really not given this much attention.  They in general talk about how good the economy is doing based on the American consumer buying habits and employment numbers, but they’ve given very little ink to this flatness of the stock market.

Could it be a recession would be the fault of Trump’s goofy tariffs?  Or the non-cut of working Joe taxes?  Naw, let’s blame the media instead. Way more fun than taking responsibility.

Will there be a recession? Who knows.  One would have thought we would have had one by now but I guess you should never underestimate the rich guy’s desire to make more money.