I like self-check. It’s super fast and convenient once you get the hang of it.  Folks seem to always moan about how corporations are saving money by getting rid of human cashiers but I view it simply as those companies are trying to compete with Amazon which ain’t got no check-out lines and it ain’t got no stores you gotta get in your car and drive to.

If they don’t compete and keep having human checkers they’ll just die off.  Well actually they already are dying off.  But they’ll die off more.

There are tons of types of jobs that have become obsolete: I run my own elevator, don’t have to wait for the gas station attendant, dial my own telephone calls. And what about the guys who used to light to oil lamps? And shoe the horses?  Train conductors? Whole companies that made buggy whips so folks could abuse their horses?

Time marches on, folks.  Quit looking at it as just an “evil corporation” thing and look at the big picture of trying to compete with online shopping.