So I see Trump is trying to blame China now for “covering things up.”

Here’s a good article about how previous administrations dating back to Bush senior have worked proactively and early on with other countries to isolate, understand, and control diseases.

Turns out it’s no accident that previous panics about SARS and Ebola were relative non-events.  There was a lot of activity behind the scenes keeping those things from having more impact.

Blaming China for not telling us after “we started it” is pretty silly. You have a fight with your brother, announce you’re not speaking to him, and then get mad that he doesn’t tell you about his new job?

We were having a little trade-spat-y-poo with China and so maybe didn’t have the collaborative relationship we’ve had in the past on previous diseases.  This has proven to be a very costly mistake both initially for our farmers and now for the entire planet.

This is not China’s fault.  This is the USA’s fault, specifically the fault of its leader. Instead of working aggressively as soon as we knew something was up he was blaming it on the Democrats.  And now the whole planet is paying  price.