The election results were way tighter than expected with many wondering how so many people could vote for a guy who is so obviously morally challenged.

There are several possible reasons:

  1. They never saw the real Trump. If they primarily watched Fox news they didn’t see the day-to-day nasty lying side of Trump and Fox primarily reported on the little triumphs like Israel and how his tax cut was awesome (it wasn’t). Bullying and making fun of people and name calling and in general stuff that you wouldn’t permit your kids to do–well that was safely tucked away and mostly hidden from view on Fox.
  2. They were one-issue voters who were anti-abortion. The Christians clung to the phrase “sometimes God uses imperfect people” to justify his countless moral failures and pointed to his anti-abortion or religious freedom (for Christians) as proof that he’s anointed by God.
  3. Party alliance was strong. They loved the name calling, the bashing of the Dems. America is very team-oriented and whereas previous politicians have tried to sound like they were interested in working across the aisle, Trump’s strategy of just calling the other side “stupid” was way more fun.
  4. He’d say anything and often multiple conflicting things so everyone could hear what they wanted to here. He’d make fun of masks, say COVID was nothing, but then say he’d defeated it, and then show him in ads wearing a mask with a caption “well defeat the virus together.” So, hey, just pick the message that resonates.
  5. He made the racists happy and the conspiracy theory folks could feel at home too. Now folks are quick to say he’s in fact not a racist because he had a black person on his staff or something but the white supremacists said he was one of them and I dunno, I figure they’re experts. And as far as conspiracies, he never met one he didn’t love. He’d retweet anything. But he was just retweeting it, you understand, you could decide for yourself. Yeah, right.