Seems like some folks are unwilling to come forward and say they’re Trump supporters.  Not me!  Trump is awesome!  Here are some of my reasons why he’s the clear leader of the pack.

He’s his own boss

None of this “yes massuh” subservient behavior for Mr. Trump because he’s not just some puppet for wealthy financiers because he is himself wealthy.  I’m so tired of all these candidates that purport to want to do the “will of the people” or who obviously are just trying to get folks to like them by studying focus groups about what people want.  No sir, Trump doesn’t need that, he just does what he knows is right.

He wants to care for women

Let’s face it, women are different.  They are not as strong and do not excel at athletics, nor are they as forceful in their thinking and thus are not suited to the rough and tumble world of politics and business.  Trump acknowledge the obvious, that women are the weaker sex, and he wants to care for them as they deserve.  Finally a guy who speaks the truth!

He’s not a racist

Trump says he’s the least racist person you’ll ever meet.  He does not judge people based on their race, but that said, he also looks at the data and notes certain obvious correlations.  In this overly PC sensitive time it’s good to have someone who just sees what’s there and is not afraid to say what he sees.

Trump is deeply religious

Trump has appeared on the podium holding a Bible and yet he’s sincere enough that he doesn’t want to talk about religion solely for the sake of scoring political points.  It’s deeply personal for him as it should be, and not just some political tool.

He’s made himself rich

I’ve read cynical stuff suggesting that if he’d just invested his father’s money he’d be even richer than he is today, but that’s hogwash.  He’s been doing stuff, building great buildings, contributing to society.  And he’s gone bankrupt and crawled back to the top through sheer force of will.  You’ve got to take risks, put yourself out there.  He understands you need to have a spine and a will to succeed.

He supports our armed forces

He believes in a strong military and knows we need to  not be afraid to show the rest of the world that we’ll stand up for ourselves and for what is right.  Again, none of this wimpy we’re-all-in-this-together stuff.  He’s ready to take charge.

On the other hand, he is unique in that he respect Putin and will not start a war with Russia that we cannot win.

He’s aggressive and yet also pragmatic.  We need more of that.

He will do what’s needed

There are certain obvious truths and Trump doesn’t need some poll of focus group to see what’s right in front of him.  Immigrants are ruining this once great nation.  Too much big government is weighing down our historically independent high achievers.  He’s going to sweep away the accumulated things that are holding our “winners” back and let them face forward to make America great again!

Go Trump!