I read more and more about “climate change” and how it’s going to put vast areas of Florida and California under water.  But it’s not happening yet, is it?  Because if it was you’d hear lots of millionaires screaming about their beachfront property.  Ergo, we don’t need to worry about it because if by some chance it really should start happening, those millionaires will be affected and since they have a lot of influence on our country, they’ll get things fixed.  It’s just more left wing “sky is falling” stuff because they never seem to have enough to fret about.

And heck, c’mon, people it’ used to be called “global warming” and now it’s just called “climate change.”  They can’t even agree on which direction it’s going.  It’s nothing certain yet.

Just a little history

Folks have always worried about “pollution” and “smog” and such things.  But it has not happened.  Climate change is the same dealie.  It’s red herring designed to reign in business and keep those dems in office.

It got taken to its most awkward extreme back in the 70s with all the fuss about the “snail darters.”  Now I ask you, has your life been affected by the snail darters?

We are human beings, we are smart, and we as a species know how to take care of ourselves.  So quit worrying about it and concern yourself with important stuff such as ASIS and how hard it is to acquire military grade firearms!