There’s some nonsense going around about “the right wing and the left wing are both part of the same bird.”  And there are plenty of folks who say something to the effect of “both parties are the same.”  Well I’m here to tell you it’s not true, the parties are not the same at all!

For proof, let’s take the rise of Donald Trump and now Sarah Palin.  That could not possibly happen with the Democrats.  That party of stupid libtards would never support the rise of a great man and great woman like Donald and Sarah.

The dems would not give them a platform even for a minute, and they’re the ones telling the truth about how to make this country great again.

Equal Schmequal

The libtards are always whining about equality, like everyone should get their fair share whether they deserve it or not.  Well I’ve got news for you.  That’s not how America works.  We work for what we get here.  You don’t earn the right to a comfortable living by simply being born.

Now it’s a proven fact that some races don’t want to work.  And yet they still feel like they deserve to be taken care of.  Anyone can see any money we waste on those folks could be better spent doing something positive like supporting our military.

It’s just like with the sexes, they are not the same, let alone equal.  Men are strong and aggressive and like to actively do things.  Women prefer to sit around the house being caring and nurturing.  It’s just in their respective natures.

The same is true of the different races.  Some races like to lie around and do nothing, but they’re sure good athletes and I do like to watch them play football.  But when it comes to a day job and earning a paycheck, well, they’re lucky they can make a career in the NFL.


The libtards are opposed to freedom and they actively work to restrict freedom by suggesting that we shouldn’t be able to express our views on race and religion and by taking away our guns.  They don’t think we should have to freedom to be the Christian nation we were from the beginning.  They don’t think we should be free to limit marriage to its natural God-given purpose of uniting one man and one women for all of eternity.

Well I say you until you have had to bravery to join the armed forces and defend our nation as all these great men have who are candidates to captain the GOP, you’re just so much talk and bluster and I’m not buying.  Stand up for what you truly believe if you believe anything at all.

Pointing the finger

Another way the parties are different is the GOP doesn’t point fingers.  The dems are very quick to blame Flint water issues on a God-fearing defender of the public good.  Heck, that could have happened anywhere.  How many towns have good water?  Sooner or later there was bound to be one problem arise and when it does the libtards are pointing the finger at the Republican governor.

It’s certainly not his fault.  If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Barack Obama who stood on the way of efforts to clean the water supply and in the process make those people suffer just so he could swoop in and point fingers.

The libtards have had more than their share of such failures but the GOP doesn’t assign blame.  Look at Benghazi.  What a nightmare.  But has anyone gone to jail?  No.  The GOP has taken no one to task for the colossal mess and gosh knows they could have and should have.

Finding solutions

The GOP is all about real solutions for real problems.  They don’t just stand around mindlessly reciting talking points about “social equality” or “redistribution of wealth.”  On no, they’re in there talking in positive terms about how to solve the problems.

Take health care for example.  Sure, there have been a few efforts to repeal the ACA, as there should have been.  After all, that sailed through the 2 houses, the courts, and the White House during a time when the GOP was in minority so they simply couldn’t act.  But now that they have the reins again, they need to go back in time and fix what they couldn’t fix before.

And they are working on their own plan to improve American health care in the way it should be improved, not using some tired old re-worked plan that the libtards got from whoever was governing Massachusetts.  No, mark my words, they will have a solution and it will be a good one that will help people who help themselves.

Night and day

So the next time someone starts spouting off about how the two parties are the same, I hope you will bring up some of the points I have raised to show them how wrong they are.  If they will listen to reason they will come around and the GOP will be able to implement some solutions again that will certainly fix the problem this time if they can only turn it up to 11.  We need to help them turn it up to 11.  That’s our job a voters and defenders of the American way.