There has been a lot of ink (or pixels) devoted recently to shredding on Hillary.  Notably absent from those pieces is a positive suggestion of a better alternative.  Silence.  We’re talking pin drop.

I haven’t read one anti-Hillary piece that ends with “but our guy is yyyyugely better.”

Hillary’s Horrible Unspeakable Offenses Against All of Mankind

It seems like most of the anti-Hillary stuff is an attempt to smear her reputation and fan the flames of a non-existent fire into something major.  The language appears to be inversely proportional to the seriousness of the offense.

“Hillary used two dryer sheets because they were stuck together therefore she stands in opposition to all mankind.”  Oh yeah, I forgot to add all the exclamation points.  And put it in caps.  But you get the idea.

On the Other Hand

The apparent, but never discussed alternative, is Trump, the “kill them all with bullets dipped in pigs blood” guy, or as Borowitz summarizes, “the Mexicans are swarming across the borders, enrolling in law school, and becoming prejudiced judges.”  His many contentious statements don’t seem to come anywhere near close to “said OK to the IT person” (who maybe is the one who should be discussed in all this.)

Help Me Out Here

So in conclusion, please provide a credible alternative.  If you’ve identified a problem, let’s talk about a solution.  Like I said, I still don’t think there actually is a problem, there’s a lot to recommend Hillary and precious little factual evidence against her.  But if you’re totally convinced about the importance of the dryer sheets, please provide a candidate with a better, clearly articulated, and blemish-free policy on dryer sheets.  Bonus points if they’ve actually used dryer sheets, know how to use a dryer, have washed clothes, or can even name the major appliances used to wash clothing.  Naw, forget it, it’s asking too much that they have experience.  After all we don’t expect that from someone applying for any other job.