It is well known that Obama has never done anything right.  Everything he does is wrong and therefore gets criticized.  True, his approval rating is up, but that’s just because the majority is also wrong!

Let’s look at some examples.

Left handed salute

I don’t know what could be more important than saluting our flag but O gets it wrong and salutes left-handed which means he disrespecting America.  Sure, there have been folks who’ve suggested the picture was photoshopped and the marine in the background has his decoration on the wrong side, but that probably just means the marine had to be photoshopped into the picture.

No salute

There’s also time we walked right past a military guard who was giving him the salute and O did not return it!  This is blatant disrespect for our military.  It’s very important for the commander in chief to acknowledge the military.  He should have no more important matter on his mind!

Wearing traditional dress in the mid-East

There are pictures of O wearing middle Eastern clothing instead of a suit.  He should have been the only person at that dinner proudly wearing a traditional Western suit. This demonstrates his love for Muslims and probably also makes it clear he was born in Kenya.

He played golf

Sure, folks like to point out the W played golf, and heck, a lot of presidents played golf.  Sometimes a lot of golf.  But this is different.  It’s a clear dereliction of duty when O plays golf.

Symbolic Occasions

Frequently there are two symbolic events taking place on one day.  He can only be one place at a time and he always picks the wrong one.  Interestingly, if he picked the other one, it would still be the wrong one.  This is based on Einstein’s theory of liberal incorrectitivity.

Other important stuff

That only scratches the surfaces of his ostensible offenses.  It’s suspicious to me how a president could be wrong about everything and I mean everything.  I never read a compliment about something he’s done.  It would lend more credence to criticism if every once in a while there was an accolade or two sprinkled in.  It reminds me of the famous Romney quote where he was asked about his position on Israel and he said it was “the opposite of Obama’s.”

It was totally mindless, and yet to a certain segment of the population, that was a valid reason for doing something.  Mindboggling.