It’s been pulled (out) already, but for a brief moment in time the Internet was having so much fun.  The tweaks and parodies were endless.  You didn’t even have to have even a vaguely dirty mind to see the implications.

Clearly this means the campaign is now out of the closet.  Here’s the evidence:

Pence opposes gay stuff stridently and we all know what that means: “methinks thou dost protest too loudly” and all that.

And only a desperate-to-appear hetero guy would talk about having the hots for his daughter.  I mean, come on, I can’t make this stuff up.  Add the obsession with his hair and his spray tan and all we need is to find out his favorite artist is Liza Minnelli.  He did use Freddie Mercury’s music at the convention.  I rest my case.

But if there’s any remaining doubt, the logo makes it explicit, a clear reference to a game of “hide the salami” between two individuals with initials T and P.