I used to think Rush was pretty out there.  A good friend of mine used to be unable to contain himself.  He’d go out to his car and listen to Rush every day and then come back into work apoplectic over the latest thing Rush had said.

But now the GOP nominee is Donald Trump and he says stuff so far out there it makes Rush seem sane.  He says stuff that makes other conservative commentators go “whoa, too far buddy.”

Below is a list of the top ten selected moments from The Donald plus a free bonus #11.

#1. Kill them all with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood

This could be the most un-presidential thing he has said, although granted that’s a tough call.  But it’s been largely forgotten in the wake of other scandalous moments. He manages in one statement to trample religion, international law, due process, and  basic human respect for bacon.

#2. Arguing with the pope about what it means to be Christian

So the pope had the gumption to say that some of Trump’s views were “non-Christian.”  How dare he think he knows anything about being a good Christian! So of course Donald had to come right back at him and call the pope some things that I’m pretty sure Jesus would not have said.

Side note: asked directly in an interview if he’s Christian he dodges the question just saying that “he won the religious right” as proof that’s he’s tight with God, that he’s got connections Up There.  Oh, and he’s also so humble you probably can’t wrap your head around how humble he is.

#3. That whole Megan Kelly thing

OK, he didn’t exactly say Ms. Kelly had her period, but as any 6th grade or older kid can tell you, that’s what he was implying.  He’s saying that her tussling with him was not about logic and reason, it was because she was having her time of the month.  There’s being too PC but then there’s just basic manners.

#4. Saying John McCain is not a war hero

Let’s review Donald’s war record.  Oh wait, he doesn’t have one.  He skipped out on the draft.  He had “bone spurs” or something.  It didn’t seem to impact his ability to participate in athletics, but as for signing up to serve our country, nope.  There is some whack conspiracy theory that money and connections helped him evade.  I’ve never heard of that kind of thing before though.

#5. Banning all Muslims

I am pretty sure that whole “religious freedom” is supposed to extend to all religions, not just Christianity.  He has subsequently clarified that this was just a “suggestion” or something, although presumably when you’re president, a “suggestion” has a little more weight than if you’re just some guy.

#6. Saying he saw Muslims celebrating

He claims he saw footage of thousands of Muslims on the rooftops celebrating when the twin towers came down.  Yes, there’s a common theme here.  Muslims are the font of all evil in the world apparently.

No one can find a single video clip of this but he since then “doubled down” on the remarks.  Never admit you’re wrong.  Double down.  This applies to foreign policy.  Instead of the second communique, nuke ’em all baby.  Get tough.  There’s some line like “if you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth?”

#7 .Mexico et al

His announcement that he was running for the presidency has been quoted many times, as that’s when he first came out swinging calling Mexicans “rapists” and “drug dealers.”  Apparently this was a huge rallying cry with his base though who are apparently mostly people who don’t eat food or have their yards straightened up.  The last part is probably true.

As Borowitz says, “Mexicans are swarming across the border, enrolling in law school, and becoming biased judges.”

He says many times he’d build a wall across the border with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it.  Mexican ex-president Vincente Fox said and I quote, “I’m not going to pay for the f—ing wall.”  I mean, granted, this can be taken various ways, and probably some nuance was lost in the translation to English.  Oh, wait, what’s that?  He said it in English.  Well, you know what I mean.

By the way, about 50% of the folks here illegally came with a valid visa and just overstayed it.  And given a large number come down through Canada too, building the wall on the Mexican border will not have that great an effect.

#8. Pocahontas

If he can’t refute someone logically in terms his base can understand, he just comes up with a cute, demeaning nickname.  This is called an “ad hominem” attack, or in Warren’s case “ad womanem.”  His base loves it when he comes up with these cute nicknames.  After all, we learned in third grade how fun it could be.  Yes, as parents we probably try to instruct our kids not to do this sort of thing, and possibly it’s a little harder to explain these days.  “But dad, Trump does it and he’s running for president.”

#9. Birtherism

Somewhere back in the dawn of time he took up the conspiracy theory that Obama was not a born-in-the-US citizen.  That all seems so quaint and relatively benign now.  Just an old guy whose sense of reality is slipping slowly away.  Aw, shucks, kind of like my Uncle Harold.  You just nod and smile.

But wait, what?!?! Now he’s the GOP nominee?!?!?!  I’m just waiting for him to come out talking about chem trails.

#10. Turning the economy around

Vis-à-vis his several bankruptcies, I’m not sure we want his advice on the economy.  It’s not just that the barber’s kids don’t have haircuts, it’s that they have terrible haircuts in this case.  Horrible awful haircuts.  Like they could have cut it better themselves haircuts.  I’ll leave it to you to try to figure out the deep meaning in that metaphor. And don’t even get me started on his hair.

#11. Regarding his daughter

In his words regarding his daughter Ivanka, “I’d tap that.”  Well, perhaps I’m paraphrasing a bit, but in essence that’s what he said.  I guess that makes her a DILF.  I’m sorry I typed that.  Sorry. That was rude.


He’s said so much more it’s really hard to pick through them all to find the most notable.  Comments about Jews, paying legal fees for violent folks at his rallies, punishing women who have abortions, making fun of the disabled, his many and varied misogynist comments about women.  Then there’s the “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” I like that last one because it’s offensive to multiple groups of people at the same time.  For further reading on the matter, just do a Google search.