At first I blamed Trump, then the voters, then Fox News, and then ultimately the GOP politicians who actually let it happen and then proceeded to endorse him.

First came Trump

We was perfect for the Internet age.  Short, punchy 140 character characterizations of the issues.  I’m rich, I don’t need their money.  Quit being so fussy and PC.  Kill those Muslims that Fox is showing beheading decent white folks.

But then there were voters

But then a large block of voters came along who were swayed by his divisive rhetoric, his Twitter-worthy solutions, his lack of concrete policy that would only sound complicated and like some kind of political insider.

Volumes have been written about how the other Republican failed to coalesce against this.

But from whence came all these disaffected voters?

Fox News

Fox has been preaching this kind of disaffected world view for a decade or more now.  The chickens finally came home to roost it seems.

The FCC should prevent such highly partisan “spin” being presented as news, but since they imitate being a news network, many people feel like they’re actually finding out what’s going on in the world by watching Fox.

That said, I was still sure the last bastion of defense, the professional politicos would rein things in.

Just let the pros handle it

There have been a lot of notable GOP politicians who have refused to get onboard, mostly politicians whose careers are past tense..  But there have been many who have, in the quest for power, decided, heck, seems fine, and endorsed.

I had harbored hope that they’d have some remaining shred of ethics and the “good of the people” at heart and shut things down.

There was a lot of noise in the media of Never Trump and Dump Trump.  A lot disaffected GOP voters who would have preferred about any other candidate.  But alas, it was too late, and a significant portion of the GOP decided “OK the people have spoken” so they endorsed, albeit sometimes reluctantly and/or unenthusicially.

And here we are…

And now we find ourselves with the GOP having nominated the least qualified candidate in history, a divisive reality star, to be the head of a major political party.  Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Some sources are suggesting a landmark defeat, some sources say it’s going to be a close race.  A lot seems to due to the negative sentiments about Hillary.  Bernie was very effective in besmirching Hillary’s reputation, and has handed the tools to Trump.  Hillary may not be squeaky clean (as many have insinuated) but the things she’s accused of are not even the same order of magnitude of evil as the words and deeds of this man Trump.  I could refute that many claims against her but I doubt I’d change any minds.  But pull back the lens, people.  Get some perspective.

Hillary’s America will at least still be America.  I’d suggest the establishment could keep Trump’s America in line except that we’ve seen the “establishment” cave.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.