So apparently Trumps says Cruz is washed up.  I’m not sure I follow the thinking.  After Trump insulted Cruz repeatedly, insulted his wife, tweeted photos of her, insulted Cruz’s father, and generally acted like a spoiled 3rd grader (I really don’t want to insult 3rd graders like this), Cruz was supposed to be his bitch?  This from the “get tough be smart” guy?

And I’ve seen it observed, if “vote your conscience” doesn’t mean vote for your guy, seems like maybe you have the wrong guy anyhow.

There is speculation this has ruined Cruz’s career.  Now his policies were a bit scary and whack, but less so than the Donald’s.  I prefer to think of it as the “long game” where, in a rational universe Trump is defeated, Cruz is seen as one of the few taking a principled stand.  And he ultimately looks pretty darn good.

I frankly had expected more professional GOP politicians to take a principled stand, but alas, the lust for power trumps all.