Who coined the phrase, Donald Trump or Charlie Sheen?

We were having a philosophical discussion the other evening (OK, perhaps more of a drunken rant) about who was the true creator of the “winning” meme, Donald Trump or Charlie Sheen.


Charlie’s epic contribution to the popular vernacular seems to have been lost to “short memory syndrome” to some extent, but not here, not with me.  I remember events for up to five years!  I’m kind of like an elephant.

So when The Donald started all this talk about “winning” I couldn’t help feel some deja vu as I recollected some similar comments made  by Charlie Sheen a few years ago.

Now granted, Charlie did say he enjoyed the occasional frolic with the crack pipe and mumbled something about having “tiger blood” too, and The Donald hasn’t really gone there yet.  But that minor difference aside, I think there is ample evidence that they are really the same person.  Let’s do some critical examination of the facts.

A fondness for the ladies

They are both well-known womanizers.  They’ve both dated models and been married multiple times.

Charlie had that whole thing with Heidi Fleiss a few years ago.  Part of what you pay for is “discretion” but apparently she had the abject lack of concern for her clients to be arrested with some of his travelers checks in her purse.  But where was Mr. Trump?  Given that Heidi really hasn’t “coughed up” I don’t think we can know for sure they had the same, um, shall we say, “characteristics”, but we sure as heck can speculate.

Speaking of younger women, that comment Donald made about how he’d date Ivanka… no real father would say such a thing, right?

Oh, and how about the Celebrity Big Brother, the show that Heidi Fleiss was on?  She left abruptly when Ivanka Trump joined.  I don’t know how you can view that any other way than as an unequivocal damning indictment.

They’re both TV stars

They each have had quite a bit of success on the smaller screen.  If they are in fact the same person, how could they appear in both shows?  Ah ha.  While Two and a Half Men was filmed primarily in a single studio location, The Apprentice was made at an ever-changing list of locations, likely just to throw us off the track.  I’m sure there was a reason, probably stemming from the Illuminati, why The Apprentice needed so many supposed locations.  Could it be just a smoke screen? I think that is the most likely explanation.

Rakishly handsome

In their own minds, they are both rakishly handsome, irresistible, fun-loving playboys.  They enjoy fast cars, alcohol in the afternoon, and mirrors.  They both spend considerable time on their looks and it doesn’t slip past me that their skin tones are not without similarity.

Speaking their minds

Jon Cryer gave an interview explicitly comparing the two.  We are not the first to notice the suspicious similarities it would seem.

“I worked with a guy who, whenever he said whatever came to the top of his head, people loved it!” the actor said on Tuesday’s The Real. “And they loved it even more when he said horrible things.” — Jon Cryer interview

And that is exactly what Trump does, right?  He says whatever obnoxious stuff he is thinking and his base goes wild.

Have they ever been seen together?

Wait, have we ever seen both of them together at the same time?  What, we haven’t?!?!?  Well I can’t say we have solid court-of-law evidence here, but it’s enough for me to be convinced.  In closing I’d just like to note that Charlie’s father Martin Sheen played a pretty good president in the West Wing, albeit for the wrong party, again probably just to throw us off the scent.