Probably almost every day someone on Facebook post one of those cute stories about “the  kid who worked really hard and did something inspiring.”  So I decided, in fairness, and to give equal time and all that, to do a post about “the lazy kid who slept until 1pm every day and played video games in his mom’s basement.”  I don’t think we should be judgmental, do you?

So let’s call him Chad.  Chad didn’t do well in school and showed no interest in going to  college.  Still his parents made him go for a couple semesters until the school wouldn’t really have him anymore.

Then he came home and lived in his parents’ basement.  There were a few futile attempts at finding a job but then after a while they just left him alone.

He just lives in the basement, comes up for meals, and his mom braves the “aroma” every week to go in and collect dirty clothes.

Don’t worry, we’re coming to the heartwarming inspiring part.

One day when he was playing GTA and running over some whores and crack dealers and racking up his highest score ever, he paused, scratched himself, and briefly wondered “why is life?”  You know, one of those “meaning of it all” moments.

And then he kept playing and finished the level.  There ain’t no one can run over pimps like Chad, yo.