A lot has already been written about Trump and his past mob connections.  But not enough.  Maybe that’s part of the reason he wants to generate news every single day, so journalists can’t go do more digging into the many dubious aspects of his past.

To read about the topic, simply type “trump mafia” into your favorite search engine.  I was watching Inside the American Mob on Netflix and they were talking about how the mafia had infiltrated every aspect of business in Atlantic City in the 80s and then they flashed to an image of Trump Tower.

Now reading about it, it seems pretty cut and dried that Mr. Trump had to have business relationships with the mafia.  There was simply no other way to get things done in Atlantic City at the time.

So maybe you say, “hey, he did what he had to do” to get things built.  But then take that same thing and imagine he’s in charge of public money.  That’s kind of the definition of corruption.

Furthermore, the FBI was working very hard to try to figure out how to take down the mob and Mr. Trump was funneling money into them, currying favor, and otherwise working at cross purposes with our own government.

Ethically that is not OK.  Everyone knew at the time that Atlantic City was controlled by the mob. He knew he was going to have to do business with them.  Faced with those kinds of options, you go elsewhere.  It’s an easy choice.

Side note: Rudy Giuliani was instrumental in taking down the mob and should understand better than anyone the necessity of Trump’s ties with the mob.  But he’s one of Trump’s more ardent supporters.