Today’s anti-Hillary meme is also baseless.  If you’re going to make wild claims you need to provide solid evidence.  They burden of proof lies with you, the wild claim maker.

In this meme we get a reference-free quote from Julian Assange with no context, no ostensibly real accompanying emails, no suggestion of a surrounding conversation, no nothing.

It’s an extraordinary claim, and if true would indeed have impact, but there’s absolutely no substantiation.  I don’t see it being reported by any reputable new sources, although it’s been rabidly repeated by the alt-right sites.

Evidence.  We need evidence.

Side note: spelling errors do tend do diminish the credibility a bit.

Side note 2 : there seems to be a lack of any kind of reasonable alternative.  When the nominated candidate makes up stories about seeing Muslims on rooftops  and says “kill them all with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood” I gotta admint I’m hard pressed to view that as even an option.  Even a large portion of his own party despises him. But that’s somehow better?  Huh.